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Look No More Behind-Nikon & Canon-

Assalamualaikum..alhamdulillah, so tired today, finishing up so many unfinished job..still got to steal some time for my hobby, as a photography enthusiast..huhu..

So this time, just wanna spread the word, about the latest and WEIRD technology from Sony..

Sony DSLT a55/a33..Digital Single Lens Translucent..

a new approach towards the ageing technology of DSLR>…

sony redefined it again..

so..let the picture (video) talks..enjoy !

1st video: Sony a55 commercial (sony UK)

2nd video: Sony a55 promotion (sony UK)

3rd video: Sony a55 fight with Canon 550D in DSLR videography

4th: Sample Pictures..sony a33 (a cut down version of a55)

please continue with this >>>>>LINK<<<<<<

5th: Post mortem of sony a55 (from dpreview, who was the fanboy to Nikon & Canon)

DPreview award a55 with GOLD !..continue with this >>>>>>LINK<<<<<<<

I’m still waiting the response from Nikon & Canon for the upcoming PhotoKina..

the brand new Nikon D3100 and Canon 60D already beaten up by Sony a55..still waiting..n continue updating..

or those out there, don’t be shy if u have any intention to jump to Sony, come join me, the new wave of alpha..

(even me also the ex-nikonian fanboy..haha)

cheers ! (^_^)



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